Most problems in stat mech have similiar procedures. This page is for the programs of solving problems.

Monte Carlo

The steps of Monte Carlo of Metropolis.

  1. Initialize
  2. Change
  3. Transition probability
  4. Random number
  5. Compare
  6. Update states

Detail balance is the key to the update rule,

\[P(S_i)P(S_i \to S_j) = P(S_j) P(S_j\to S_i),\]

which can be rewritten as

\[\frac{P(S_i\to S_j)}{P(S_j\to S_i)} = \frac{ P(S_j) }{ P(S_i) }.\]

For Boltzmann distribution, we have

\[\frac{ P(S_j) }{ P(S_i) } = e^{ - (E_j - E_i)/k_B T}.\]
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